Because you cant spell Funston with out FUN

Just finished up working on a beautiful house out in the Richmond... on Funston Ave near Geary. Sean Whelan was the contractor and did a wonderful job updating this multifamily dwelling. John Lum was the architect... one of our favs. Anyway we were proud to do some railings in both units. Stainless round bar with hot rolled frame topped off with a red oak cap. Looks nice, feels right. Oh... and of course... you can buy the house. It comes with the rail. Hell... buy the house and we will throw the railing in for free!

Chock-full of goodness's our month for Sunset... we have been VERY busy. We are featured in TWO articles in the latest issue of Sunset Magazine. The first is their spread about the Monterey Idea House and one of our beds is featured. Make sure to stop by starting this weekend and see them yourself we have two beds there one in Australian Lacewood and the other in Calro Walnut. Both have solid bronze frames. Check them out and you can also BUY them of course. The second is their article on the Menlo Park Idea house.....Featuring the table a couple posts down.. Go on, get out there and snap this issue up. You can also bone up on the special fall trip you have been planning....hopefully to Monterey. Get out there and find your niche.

Sweet 16

We just turned 16! SoReal has been around since September 1, 1992. Being that we incorporate this year we are changing our name to Five Twenty Two Industries. Looking forward to the next 16 years....

Looking for a good home.

This lonely table is finishing up work looking great at the Sunset Idea house in Menlo Park and is about to be without a place to stay...wouldn't you want to take this table in and give it a good home? It loves long stays in the dining room or kitchen and looks forward to spending some quality time hanging out and watching you eat..... Its top is made of "green" bamboo plywood (the concept not the color) and its legs anodized aluminum. It has locking castors for feet and measures 60"x36"x29"h It knocks down flat for easy shipping. YOU can make a difference in this table's life. Oh and we are offer steep discounts! Regularly $2250 you can have it for 50% off! Only $1125.00

Are you looking for.....more?

Stop by and check us out...full portfolio, handy contact information and amazing photography....well...some decent shots I took with a camera phone...just kidding about the camera phone and I think maybe two or three were professionally done...the most important thing is that you CAN have it all...
just click the pic

Bronze and Lace and a Cubby to boot!

Lacewood Headboard with bronze tubing make this head board glow. There's a little cubby hole for the things you need. This one is going into the Sunset Magazine's Monterey Idea house. So since it's the girls room we put some toys in it... YOU on the other hand can put whatever you want in it. Wether it be a late night snack, your specs, a clock or all the essentials for that special night with your boo.....(I'm not really sure what the hell that means but.. use your imagination.) Anyway Australain Silky Oak Wood or Lacewood is some amazing stuff wonderful detail just like your grandmothers lace under the hard candy jar. The bronze tubing was patinaed and hand polished to get a rich finish with depth. Go see it at their open house this September. Oh of course you can buy it for someone you love. Go on .... love yourself.

Five Twenty Two Custom

New headboard from Five Twenty Two Industries Custom editions. Each solid walnut board was individually chosen. Bronze tubing frame with a hand rubbed chocolate patina. Bronze butterfly inlays. Queen size. Look for it at the new Sunset Idea house in Monterey along with it's sister....look for that one in the next post....

Curves are nice

Everybody loves stuff with a nice curve to it.... parts to new stools to a bar/restaurant in San Francisco on Claude lane. Gitane. Opening soon. Visit Gitane's website.

On the Kitchen Floor

So we finally dropped it off.... yes The open house for Sunset magazine's new Idea House opens this Friday in Menlo Park. Go on check it out.. plus you can drop by the Sunset campus and lurk...See if they have any raspberry squares or window covering tips for drop ins.... nice digs there in Menlo Park... be sure to check out the table we did for them.. fits right in with the green counter tops and aluminum accents... you can have one too. Sized to fit your needs just let us know how big and we can ship.... bolts all together so if flat packs... ahhh.........flat packs.

Stencil Art

Just dropped off the table for Sunset Magazine... Should be a good show/house/tour thingy. Crazy art all over the walls...I'll check on who they got to populate the walls but I hear it some company from SF that buys at estates so they have a lot of cool retro paintings and prints all over the walls...I'll post the name of the staging co. later, as soon as I re-remember.....maybe dont use that during scrabble either.. Anyway this is our new tag. It was supposed to say "custom 2008" also.. but.. the ladies need their next time... all furniture moving through get hit...signed and number...

Ooops we did it again

Ooops we did it again... look at the sexy detailing of a new table we will be showing off at the new Sunset Magazine 's Menlo park Idea house. Bamboo Plywood top with aluminum tubing frame. Clear Anodized finish. Yes... yes, you can buy it. There will be a staging sale... or you can order your own custom size. More pictures to follow once the aluminum gets back from the anodizer...

Coming soon....

522 headboard in process.....the first coat. Bronze butterfly inlays and claro walnut hand picked and finished.

HEY! It's our BIRTH(day)

Five Twenty Two...... get it? Some of you..... I wonder. Anyway papers have been filed and the final touches are being laid, ground, sanded and finished. A new bed is in the works. (Walnut head board similar to below but with Bronze inlays) Tables and maybe a console or two.. who knows what the future is going to bring... I mean other than myself... and Luke and maybe one or four of the rest of you... but.... anyway....Happy Birthday!

Connection Porn

It's just sexy....Modular bolt together railing system. Spacer connectors are counter bored so they are flush. The wire railing system has no exposed turnbuckles. Turnbuckles are for suckers. The end pieces of the wire system have internal threads to seamlessly and turnbucklelessly add tension to the wire. (you can impress your friends by using that term....just don't use it in scrabble) Just remember kids, connection details are sexy.

The full Monty

So... you know you wanted to check it out....wondering to yourself what it looked like all complete and stuff... Well here is the corner shot which I guess then by definition is not the full monty but just another partial shot... oh well.. check the website in a week or so and I promise we will have the full monty shot there... Oh BTW. Top and bottom aluminum horizontals, and round spacers are anodized while the uprights are hand polished and powder coated clear semi-gloss. The wood cap is solid American Red Oak and the biscuit in the corner is anodized aluminum as well...

Form and Function

New wood cap for Aluminum wire railing in Mill Valley. Solid Red oak with aluminum biscuit to strengthen the joint.... looks good too. Form and function.

Modern Edwardian Remodel

Recent Edwardian makeover.
New flooring and some modern upgrades blend perfectly with this classic San Francisco flat. The long horizontal lines of the railing counter the wainscoting and visually draw your eye down the hallway. The wood cap softens and adds warmth to the steel railing that has been clear coated to retain the rich and natural color of the steel.

The new phone book is here!

Uh, I mean the new issue of Sunset is out... and guess who graces the pages inside? The article is on page 64. Check it out.

Can they miter?

Can your current fabricator Miter? Everybody talks about wood working connections... the same can be done with steel. So why don't they? It's much easier to slop it together and grind down the weld leaving scars from the grinder on the surface of the steel and a bright spot to boot. We take the time to miter our connections and weld from underneath, leaving minimal grinding scars, and nice clean connections. It's ok to pay attention to detail... let them know and if not give us a call.

Twin Sized Slumber Scooter

Here is another shot of the Slumber Scooter. Claro walnut with a mild steel frame. Steel finished with bees wax. Green? Sure, you bet ya. Part of the Sunset Magazine San Francisco Idea house.

Speaking of Dreaming...

Custom beds with claro walnut head and foot boards. Salvaged wood. You know for the environment. Available now. Stylized dream facilitator.

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams...

Stair and railing for the Sunset Magazine Idea house in San Francisco. The infill for the railing are rings made from drops from a local supplier. Part of the whole reuse renew and recycle thing. Treads are solid poplar, and the finish on the steel is a clear satin, with bees wax overcoat.