Rainy days and Sunshine

You know those days when it's raining and you are just trying to get in the house and not get soaked?  We have solutions for you. We can build you an awning! its really just that simple. Look what we did for these nice people. Steel and glass. Sleek I'd say.... but I'm a bit biased. We also had to build them a fence being that the awning was so popular and you don't want all your neighbors gathering under your awning. (unless you do...hopeful they will bring wine) The great thing is it works for protecting you from the glaring sun as well. See??? we thought of everything. All these items are built to last. We hot dipped the steel and powder coated to match the windows. Give us a ring we can build you an awning, and if you don't like your neighbors so much, a fence as well.

Not all fabrication is the same.

You'll probably see this in person on the next AIA tour... but here is a sneak peek. 
We were happy to answer the call When the wonderful people over at John Lum Architecture called. See, they had some trouble and it turns out that what we have been saying all along is true. Not all fabrication is alike. You see there are structural guys that build beams, and then there are architectural people like ourselves. Well, the client had to find out the hard way. They hired a structural firm to do their rails.... bad decision, because the welds were awful and fabrication was sloppy. The poor client had to tear out the old railing and replace it....luckily for them we were able to help out. Before you get stuck and have to rip out some sloppy job or worse and have to live with it. Give us a ring.  Oh BTW if you have exposed structural beams give us a call. We can make them pretty. Steel might be a structural product but it doesn't have to look like it.

Oh...btw, if you need custom aluminum planter let us know... check it out. They fit like a glove.