A time for reflection

As holidays are upon us and the end of year is in sight,
what a wonderful time to reflect....into our new 522 Industries mirrors! 
Our solid brass round mirrors come with 1/4" thick mirror glass and are available in several different sizes. We took the brass and hand applied a dark "oil rubbed" finish, then slowly took that down with steel wool to reveal more of a soft, brighter finish. Comes in two different styles of mounting plates.  What a great year this was, thank you all for making it possible.  Reflect on the past year with one of your own... Oh and you can throw in a few brass coat hooks too boot... nobody looks good in those big wintery coats....
Call us we have some mirrors in stock! And these coat hooks make ridiculously awesome stocking stuffers.

Encrypted Luxe

Just finished up a super sexy fireplace in Sonoma.
Encrypted into the pattern is a house blessing....how cool is that?  All hot rolled steel with a clear satin finish. No grind marks, and it's all welded from behind. Kinda sweet dontyathink? There are two panels one in the dinning room and one in the living room and with the space between all the shapes you get a bit of a Morie effect as you walk around the room. We got to work with the wonderful architects over a Baken, Gillam & Kroger and the awesome crew from Jim Murphy & Assoc that built this amazing house.
We can bless your house as well.. you just have to give us a ring.

Get your Maker On.

All right, everyone is getting in on the Maker scene...
To help you out, 522 industries is introducing the Analog Firebox. Its just like our original firebox but now in Analog! If you are into making things and just starting out, might as well try your hand at making a truly worthwhile project.  You need a bottle of wine, (you can substitute a couple of beers, bourbon or even Bubbly water) some wood, kindling, paper, some matches, the 522 industries analog Firebox™ and a few friends. Make a small stack in the middle of the Firebox™, starting with the paper, then add kindling and top that off with the wood. (Oak is great) Next, light the paper with the match, and watch the magic.  Now open your libations, delight your friends and feel the warmth of the fire you you have just made! Congratulations! You are a true Maker! The 522 Analog Firebox is made of 3/16" A588 Cor-ten steel so it will weather nicely in your yard. If that wasn't enough there is a handy storage area for spare parts! You know.. because we care! Call us for pricing!

A box for Logs

Because you don't want them littered all over the floor.
  If you have a space in your wall and you want to store some logs.. please call us. We are experienced log box people. We can also build the fireplace for that matter. How about this, what ever your fireplace needs are, whether log storage or burning said logs call us, we can help.