One to watch!

Scroll down to our earlier post to check out what we did for them... when you visit try not to be distracted by the food or service when you are admiring our work.

Congratulations Kyle and Crew!

All in the Family

Our little family (of brackets) is slowly expanding.
We now offer Both the round post and rectangular post brackets in Brass with a raw living finish. You can also get these in an Oil rubbed finish. As well as the original 522RHR and 522SHR in hot rolled steel and the 522 RSS in stainless. Most items in stock and ship same day. Custom orders accepted. You know the drill...give us a ring.

Now Available in Brass!

Just added this little gem to our family of brackets... the 522 "S" style rectangular post bracket... finally in BRASS! Not sure what the hell that "S" stands for...but I guess we got to stick with it... perfectly proportioned for your grip rail needs. Designed to keep a 1 1/2" wide grip rail an 1 1/2" off the wall. Shown with 1/2" thick brass and 1/2"thick top cap of walnut. (Grip rail sold separately) If you are thinking stairs and who isn't... think of us...we ship worldwide!


Look how simple. How clean. How minimal.
The facts though are heavy. 2 flights, one and a half tons of 5/8" plate, craned into a light well, rolled to the other side of the house, stacked on edge, welded, ground, chalked, primed and painted. See? No big deal....right? If you want something complicated give us a call...we will make it look easy.

Happy New Year!

Yeah I know.... another New Year post... I mean WTH?!?!
Being that 2018 is upon us and you are about to go out... maybe to the city. Let me offer some suggestions. If I were you...I'd stay at the Proper hotel we just finished up a beautiful blackened Bronze mesh and steel CUBE for the Hotel lobby sure to check it out when you are checking in. The restroom is down stairs and you can head down via our beautiful stair and railing.... from there,  I'd head up to Charmain's and check out the rooftop bar as you ring in the new year! Yeah! It's the kids from Trip Dog so you know the cocktails will be great. You can also check out our custom Glass partition wall off the elevator and sit back and enjoy the night next to one of our cozy fire pits while taking in the amazing city views.... drink some water before you go to bed and maybe pop a advil or works. If you think you need a huge bronze CUBE around a stair or anything else metal, bronze or glass and in any combination... you should call us... we have done it before...we can do it for you!

Just saying Hi to 2018

Just wanted to check in and Say Hi to 2018.
Here is a Sculpture that we did for the City of Emeryville this past year.
"Evanescent greeting"
You obviously know that term from Marcel Proust's "Sodom and Gomorrah" we chose it because its on the site of an old "massage parlor" and also as you cross the city limits in a car all the cubes align to say "HI" .....Everything is so damn fleeting now days. Anyway its new DRIVE BY ART! Get in your car or tell UBER or learn to drive and check it out. Oh I almost forgot.... its stainless and if you need something in stainless whether its art for your home or office, some stairs or whatever, we can help you out... give us a ring. But, do it sooner than you think you need to because lead times nowadays are just silly right now. Now doesn't that just bring 2017 to a nice happy ending!

Safe, secure....and stylish

When it comes time to protect the valuables, you know like the dog, family and the treasured porcelain collectable figurines of clowns and gnomes... what could be better than to do it in the stylish manner you have grown accustom to? This contemporary portal to your treasures is within your grasp. Call us we can help protect your stuff.
Made from solid material and powder coated with zinc rich primer this gate should protect your hoard for generations with minimal maintenance. After all whats that garden gnome worth?

Single Thread

Single Thread according to Vouge's article goes "above and beyond" in the hospitality department. We worked with Avro|KO and helped them go above and beyond with some of their interior fixtures. Check some of it out below and then make your reservation. Need brass? We can help out.

Modern Indian

Modern Indian has arrived in San Francisco and we got to help ROOH create some stunning interior screens for their new restaurant working alongside Chirs Hall at Eaton Hall Architecture. Hot rolled steel frames with brass mesh and fluted glass. Anyone Hungry? I know I am. Give us a ring... we can go for a bite to eat and discuss what we can do for you and your space.

Rainy days and Sunshine

You know those days when it's raining and you are just trying to get in the house and not get soaked?  We have solutions for you. We can build you an awning! its really just that simple. Look what we did for these nice people. Steel and glass. Sleek I'd say.... but I'm a bit biased. We also had to build them a fence being that the awning was so popular and you don't want all your neighbors gathering under your awning. (unless you do...hopeful they will bring wine) The great thing is it works for protecting you from the glaring sun as well. See??? we thought of everything. All these items are built to last. We hot dipped the steel and powder coated to match the windows. Give us a ring we can build you an awning, and if you don't like your neighbors so much, a fence as well.

Not all fabrication is the same.

You'll probably see this in person on the next AIA tour... but here is a sneak peek. 
We were happy to answer the call When the wonderful people over at John Lum Architecture called. See, they had some trouble and it turns out that what we have been saying all along is true. Not all fabrication is alike. You see there are structural guys that build beams, and then there are architectural people like ourselves. Well, the client had to find out the hard way. They hired a structural firm to do their rails.... bad decision, because the welds were awful and fabrication was sloppy. The poor client had to tear out the old railing and replace it....luckily for them we were able to help out. Before you get stuck and have to rip out some sloppy job or worse and have to live with it. Give us a ring.  Oh BTW if you have exposed structural beams give us a call. We can make them pretty. Steel might be a structural product but it doesn't have to look like it.

Oh...btw, if you need custom aluminum planter let us know... check it out. They fit like a glove.


Brass is the new black (BitnB)

Dont worry no spoilers and this brass is a bit more brassy than bronze which has a bit more Orange hue... Presenting the new 522RBRASS. Shown here with a sexy 1/2" x 1 1/2" brass top bar and 1/2" walnut top...I would say skip the Netflix original and go with 522 industries!

Pew Pew

Who needs the new Star Wars to enjoy lasers.
We just cut through this 1/4" steel like it was a blast door on the Tontine IV on its diplomatic mission to Alderaan.  Yes, Darth Vader is not the only one who can be so bold.  Need to Awaken your curbside appeal? Give us a ring. 


The oil rubbed variety is never third place. 
Our 522 bracket now comes in oil rubbed bronze. The "522RB". Need just a bracket?  We can do that.  Need a grip rail?  We can custom fabricate an Oil Rubbed bronze grip rail with the wood cap of your choosing, just send us some pictures and some measurements and we can ship.  Normal shipping time is "about two weeks". The top picture is 3/8" material with a 4/4" walnut top and our very own 522RB bracket. Oil rubbed bronze is not your thing?  Well, you do recall we sell them in hot rolled steel and stainless as well right?  Need something custom? give us a call.
522RB "oil rubbed bronze*"
522RHR "hot rolled steel with clear satin finish"
522SS "303 Stainless steel with polished finish"
522SHR "Hot rolled steel also available in Oil Rubbed bronze"

First Impressions

The first thing you see as you walk into this Berkeley home is our stair railing. And we think it makes quite an impression.  All hot rolled steel and being that the homeowner was concerned about VOC's we coated it with organic bee's wax. It will last a lifetime with minimal care. We worked with John Lum Architecture to help this client make a lasting impression... Call us, we can help make you stand apart from the rest.