...or revelation...as you ascend the heights or become enlightened/heightened? Well... however you get your high on, we would recommend you do it with a fine set of 522 stairs...It's safe, legal and an aesthetically pleasing way to get....higher. Call us...you hippie.

Architecture porn...

Come on....look at it! How sexy can a door be? This isn't even finished yet... the wood panels for the main door are still yet to come....I just couldn't wait! This sexy pivoting door is almost too much to handle...speaking of handle check out the counter bored stainless fasteners...And I know what you are thinking... you would love to send them some mail....it's ok... really. All hot rolled steel lovingly finished with multiple coats of clear satin lacquer. We can do it for you...slip a love note in the mailbox....or use the phone....we are here.

SF AIA Tour!

SF AIA tour is this Sunday!
We worked on one of the homes with John Lum. Go check out the home and the incredible view of our gate and fencing in the backyard.. oh and you should check out the pretty awesome view of the pacific ocean from the kick A** corner windows...truly stunning. Always a pleasure working with award winning architects! What? you don't have an award winning architect working with you? never fear.. we can still help you out... just give us a ring.

A room without a book...

A room without a book is like a body without a soul... Marcus Tullius Cicero is credited with this quote, and to make sure this room had enough soul we added a floor to ceiling bookcase in this San Francisco Victorian. We used hot rolled steel with a clear satin finish and solid oak shelving and kept it clean and simple... Of course in order to reach all those books you have to add a ladder...we did that too... need some soul? Give us a call.

19 Years...

Wow 19 years ago we started what is now Five Twenty Two Industries. Here is one of our latest for Ross Levy over at .. yes, yes, you know Levy Art and Architecture. He wanted to preserve the greenery, well.. at least the view of it from the deck. This unfinished steel will develop a nice patina as the garden takes it over... I like the tree house effect....here's to another 19 years...But don't wait 19 years call NOW!... operators are standing by.