Connection Porn

It's just sexy....Modular bolt together railing system. Spacer connectors are counter bored so they are flush. The wire railing system has no exposed turnbuckles. Turnbuckles are for suckers. The end pieces of the wire system have internal threads to seamlessly and turnbucklelessly add tension to the wire. (you can impress your friends by using that term....just don't use it in scrabble) Just remember kids, connection details are sexy.

The full Monty

So... you know you wanted to check it out....wondering to yourself what it looked like all complete and stuff... Well here is the corner shot which I guess then by definition is not the full monty but just another partial shot... oh well.. check the website in a week or so and I promise we will have the full monty shot there... Oh BTW. Top and bottom aluminum horizontals, and round spacers are anodized while the uprights are hand polished and powder coated clear semi-gloss. The wood cap is solid American Red Oak and the biscuit in the corner is anodized aluminum as well...

Form and Function

New wood cap for Aluminum wire railing in Mill Valley. Solid Red oak with aluminum biscuit to strengthen the joint.... looks good too. Form and function.