18 Years Old.

So look who is legal.. now we can VOTE! September 1st was our 18th birthday and now we will be voting for our favorite views (interpret that as you may) The point is, You bought the view.. you should enjoy the VIEW not the railing.. well.. you should enjoy the railing as well so long as you don't sacrifice the view...This roof deck looking down on the Sea Cliff dist in SF just so happens to have quite the spectacular landmark in its purview....gosh where is an english major when you need one...The Anodized aluminum rail will NEVER rust.. it just can't! The only thing that will out last that bridge view is aluminum. They had a steel railing up here that lasted them a year... then they called us. This modular system snapped together in a breeze. You can do it yourself or you could have your contractor do it...or you could not only have us fabricate it.. we could install it as well... go on..give us a ring.