Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year from
Five Twenty Two Industries!
Here is a little ornament we fabricated for MAK Studios and The Ornament Design Ball and Auction.  All proceeds went to Alice Water's Edible Schoolyard project...
May you have a peaceful and prosperous new year.

The end of the world.. just don't be late for dinner!

So I guess this is it...just make sure you are not late to dinner.  Especially since we just finished up a new dinning for Feldman Architecture. So wash your hands and dig in.. and when you wake up new years morning wishing the world had ended just be thankful for the eggs and coffee on the new breakfast table...

Noe Valley Portal

Uh oh.. Chris Choy is at it again.... take an old house in an amazing neighborhood and blow out the front window to take advantage of the view, sprinkle liberal amounts of modern sexiness throughout and you are left with a masterpiece....well, this is what he does... and he does it well. We teamed up with Chris on his latest endeavor and it didn't last a week on the market... check it out here. We helped him out, and we can help you out too.  Planning on renovating?  Give us a ring. We sprinkle well.

Office Supplies....

Time to get organized around here...with the brand NEW 522 rolling file cart.  Hot rolled steel with a clear satin finish and cool solid walnut wood dowels shelf below for all you extra office supplies.... check it out and order today.  We can have you organized for tax season.

Get your shelf in order....

You have to be.. tidy.  I'm just saying.  We just finished up some kitchen cabinet doors for a client in Piedmont CA.  Two words. Clear glass.  Sends shivers down you spine doesn't it.  Go on look in your pantry....I can wait... It was a mess wasn't it. Look below and wonder at the tidiness. We can do this for you and if you are not THIS tidy we can use some translucent glass. Call us we can put your cereal in order.

Step across the void

Well no longer a void but a path to understanding and knowledge.  We just completed a bridge for a client on the other side of the hill... gosh it's nice over there.. all the trees and hills...anyway they had no way to get to their office/study.  We have now bridged the gap to understanding, well at least the gap to where they are going to have their computer...Now it might be easier for the kids to get their reports done....Hot Rolled steel I Beam and railing with anodized aluminum grating. Have a void? We can fill it... give us a ring....

the office party.....

 Feldman Architecture just moved into their new digs in Downtown SF...right down the street from Farnsworth labs, you know the guy that invented and patented the first operational all-electronic "television system" on September 7, 1927.. yeah that guy... well, the creative people at Feldman are working hard as well and we were lucky enough to build some sliding doors for their conference room... check them out when you are at their office planning your dream. We would be happy to build some for you... just give us a ring... or ask Jonathan he has our number. Oh, all hot rolled steel, mitered and welded from behind with both clear and translucent glass...all hot rolled steel finished with a clear satin finish... and we never grind...please save the mill scale.

Rockin the Moroccan

Just finished up a railing in Piedmont... The house has a bit of Moroccan flair so the typical clean modern rail was not in the playbook.  Working directly with the homeowner and designer we came up with something that would match the architecture of the home and the needs of the client...hand hammered top cap by our friends over at Alchemy Metal works gave it texture and depth that a basic top cap wouldn't have had. We custom make each rail to match the architecture of every home we work on. We like to add value to your home instead of adding an eyesore.  We did it for them... we can do it for you.  Go on pick up the phone.


No not James Franco...
 but he sure is funny, and I can't wait for the prequel to the Wizard of Oz that is coming soon, but the Frenchie love kind... you know sauce, wine and cheese and of course my buddies Francois's mother Marie Antoinette's "bœuf aux carottes".... That woman can cook. You know, dinners outside in the garden and the camembert pulled out of the BBQ all melted and gooey for dessert...sorry... I got distracted... ANYWAY we just built a new table for a wonderful client in the Peninsula and came up with these legs kind of similar in shape to the Eiffle tower... Solid 2" water jet hot rolled steel with a dark patina and a walnut live edge table top... put the cheese down and give us a ring.. we can build one for you as well. 

Good looking legs ready for the summer!

It's summer time and we all know you want to look your best when sitting down to the table. 
with our NEW 522 Table legs!
 Here a couple quick shots of them in production with more coming soon.  Solid 2" thick A36 hot rolled steel.  Water jet from a huge slab of steel.  They are then sandblasted and blackened with a black patina and then sealed with a clear satin.  Be sure to catch the epic Water vs. steel coming this summer!

Noe Valley Charm

Whats NOT to like about Noe Valley...?
It's pretty much smack dab in the middle of the city, close to restaurants, parks, and there is great weather.  It is truly one of the areas that make San Francisco a gem...speaking of gems here is the back yard and roof deck we just finished there in collaboration with Feldman Architecture and Blair Burke the GC .  Stay tuned for the interior stair and beautiful steel and wood cabinet we did on the inside.
(Cor-ten A588 planters, Powder coated Steel railings)

Sleep Well

On one of our Five Twenty Two Industries Beds!
Well... sleep stylishly at least.
Happy Five Twenty Two !
Claro Walnut head board with hot rolled steel frame! Each bed is hand crafted and each board is picked and placed with a discerning eye.  This bed is FOR SALE: or at least one just like it.  Call today and order one in any size bed you want. Shown: Claro Walnut, Queen Size

NY Design week

Wish we were there!
But we have too much to do in honor of Design week we will be posting little prototypes and actual products all week long...after all tomorrow is Five Twenty Two!
So to start it all off a small little light prototype.  Spun aluminum shade with a bronze flex tube terminating into a claro walnut Base.

Mill Valley Mod

Another shot of the up coming Marin Modern home for the dwell home tour....
sorry..just liked this shot better.  On the base of Mt. Tam.

dwell Marin Home Tour

dwell magazine's Marin home tour is coming up later this month, and on April 29, day two of the event you can tour our railings...and the home where they reside!  The "Marin Modern" house is in Mill Valley, stop by and check it out.. the pics of the site seem a bit out of focus so check out these below and then go see them in person...


Stunned.... I have been at this a few years... like 19 or 20 or something... and I just got to drop off a table for a home in SF by architect Jonathan Feldman... one word STUNNING.  The back wall is all industrial sash windows, the house also has a beautiful staircase and wall of glass and steel... now I can't show you all those pictures but I can show you the picture of our table.. the table top was done by Aaron Robinson in the south bay and if you need contact info I can get it to you... meanwhile head over to Feldman Architecture's site and peep the beauty..This house is not there yet.. but I'll let you know when it hits all the shelter rags....

Now available in Stainless...

You loved them in hot rolled.. ordered them in bronze and now you can have them in stainless as well...
Introducing the 522RSS (Exciting name right??) Order Today!
522RSS Stainless handrail bracket
Architectural handrail brackets.... you know.. for your home.  (Or office)
522RHR Hot rolled steel handrail bracket "Tiburon"

522SHR handrail bracket with Hot rolled grip rail "Montclair"

522SHR hand rail bracket with hot rolled and wood grip rail
Architectural handrail brackets from Five Twenty Two industries.  Available in Hot rolled mild steel with satin clear coat, Bronze, and Stainless and Aluminum. Call us, we ship right to your door.