Bronze and Lace and a Cubby to boot!

Lacewood Headboard with bronze tubing make this head board glow. There's a little cubby hole for the things you need. This one is going into the Sunset Magazine's Monterey Idea house. So since it's the girls room we put some toys in it... YOU on the other hand can put whatever you want in it. Wether it be a late night snack, your specs, a clock or all the essentials for that special night with your boo.....(I'm not really sure what the hell that means but.. use your imagination.) Anyway Australain Silky Oak Wood or Lacewood is some amazing stuff wonderful detail just like your grandmothers lace under the hard candy jar. The bronze tubing was patinaed and hand polished to get a rich finish with depth. Go see it at their open house this September. Oh of course you can buy it for someone you love. Go on .... love yourself.

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