A touch of Class

A touch of class...I mean glass...glass, a touch of glass. Glass railing, stairs with oak treads and a "library" wall sheeted (making that one up I think) in Hot rolled steel of course with the aluminum grating walkway to allow light in below.. looks great...let us sheet your walls...wait, well you get the idea. Call us and we can do it for you.

With a cherry on top..

Well capped with Cherry wood anyway... a new railing in Walnut Creek. Hot rolled uprights stainless infill and solid cherry wood cap. Clean lines, solid material and a clear finish. What?.. thats all it takes. Don't let the other guys sell you something different.. Oh and original 522 Industries handrail brackets to boot. Yes... we can do it for you.


What do you get when you combine solid mahogany, with solid bronze and and a bit of copper rivets to the mix? Sexy, secure...custom privacy. Call us.. we can make you secure, in a...good looking kind of way.

The Sunday Paper

You should wait before wrapping the fish in it this week... Check out the Home and Garden section...Something about Oakland and Ipe and Lighting and the value of architects and lighting designers and such... No mention of the steel workers and designers working on railings... Oh well... wrap the fish....Oh and if you need an awning or rail... let us know.

Winter is Coming....

Here you go.. I know you were waiting to see what it looked liked installed.... wait no further. Time to get down to the library... when is google going to have those books online...anyway..Time to get a couple good books and a comfy chair and curly up next to your brand new fireplace. Oh wait you better order yours now before winter comes and bites you in the butt, Leaving you cold and with nothing to read...time to call us. We can have it installed before thanksgiving, how thankful you will be.

Starting our 17th Year!

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that we have been at this for so long...Sept. 1st we started our 17th year in business....ouch....I feel so old. I guess its better to say...I feel so experienced. We would be happy to lend you some of our experience. Need metal? Just call.....

Taking shape

Getting close to finishing this one up...tricky job of clamping it all up and then tig'ing it together...of course we will need to clean it and put a finish on it....we will let you know when it's finished... order yours today... winter is on its way.

Feeling Groovy

Feeling groovy....some stainless running through the mill. Those crazy aesthetes over there at John Lum Architecture are at it again...the have designed a beautiful fireplace screen for one of their clients with some stainless this and some hot rolled that...stay tuned for the final product... install is on Friday so I have got to get back to work.... Oh yeah we of course can do this for you too...we have a full fabrication and machine shop. Let us know what you want we will make it for you.

Bookish charm

Details of a new bookcase we are just finishing up... More shots to follow later.. but check it out.. counter bored cap nuts and saucy ring details... walnut cabinets. Over Twelve feet of books...going to be sweet....stayed tuned... oh of course we can build one for you..Now what should we read tonight....

Come for the Food and drinks... stay for the bathroom.

While I dont think he has reviewed the restaurant as of yet, Michael Bauer seems to have been unable to wait to review the "Fabulous" bathroom @ Gitane. Yes, yes, come for the food and drink, stay for the restroom. I just dropped by for dinner the other night and found myself in love with the bathroom as well. Spacious, well appointed, great soaps, clean and I must say .... it IS fabulous. Check out the article that was on the front page of the Chronicle's website.


Hello... Our new domain 522industries.com is up and now we just have to fill it with wonderful ideas and stuff for you... We are working on it, should be soon... just need to figure what to put on it and what to discard.... In the mean time you can still check out www.realedgy.com or just stayed tuned here for the latest and greatest. See you soon.

Safety Second?

These handrails look so darn good the safety of having a grip rail almost seems secondary compared to the beauty of these. Of course safety is job one and handrails ARE an important safety item in your home... Now they can look good too... Five Twenty Two Industries custom handrail brackets and our own design for the grip rail featuring FSC certified Madrone wood that matches our clients floors with clear coat hot rolled brackets and railing accent...give us a call we can do it for you too....We can fabricate and ship to anywhere you need beauty.

Five Twenty Two Industries... providing aesthetics for the safety minded.

Elegant Lighting

Just got to help out Tod over at Zephyr Tents with some lighting for the coming social calender. Check out his website for all of your events. His sailcloth tents are designed by craftsman Steve Sperry. If you are looking to get married in style or have an event that needs that special something.. or even shade for that matter... check him out.. and be sure to ask for the chandelier to add that Je ne sais quoi to your special occasion... Buy it form him or call us for your own custom lighting...

We are SOOOO Hospitable

Just looks how hospitable... I'm sure you all have gotten your copy of hospitality design's April issue and have looked at the spread "Mix and Match" on page 186....of course you saw all the stuff we did for Charles Doell of Mr. Important fame and Frank LeClerc at Gitane so I wont bore you with the COMPLETE recap.. BUT some great pics of our stuff and of course they list us in the creds...next time I would HOPE we get the cover...

Hot Brackets

Well Hot Rolled anyway.... everyone is in love with hot rolled steel, the problem is nobody does a nice hot rolled bracket.. until now... We are just in the process of doing several prototypes and finishes for some handrail brackets you can demand for your own home or project. Perfect for that hot rolled hand rail next to the beautiful hot rolled fire place or guardrail down your stair.... The raw steel coated with a low VOC clear satin and topped of with bees wax is the perfect detail for you green home. You know you love it...

Curl Up by the fire

I know you can picture yourself curling up with a good book in your Eames lounge chair in front of the fire....so we Just finished up this fireplace over on Edgehill in San Francisco to help you get that image straight... yes we still have a bit of clean up and finishing to do but I KNOW you guys were desperate to see pics of it. Hot rolled steel with a clear finish... we will throw down a bit of wax to finish it off..Love the natural grain of the wood and steel together. Beautiful Henry Built Cabinetry and lush design work by Chris Choy. Call us we can keep you warm at night too....

Hoffman Rail

New railing being prepped for install tomorrow...For Joel Karr of Group 41. Four different levels of criss crossing 3/8" round bar adds depth and movement to the guard rail. Look for it on the AIA tour this Friday. We will be done.. so you can admire it in person.. oh you can also pick up a post card and see some other great stuff we have done.. and then you can have us do something for you and your project....More pics to come once it's installed...

Stairway to Heaven

"Your head is humming and it wont go
In case you dont know,
The pipers calling you to join him,
Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow,
And did you know
Your stairway lies on the whispering wind."
Led Zepplin | Stairway to heaven
Now I am not sure what the heck that has to do with this great stair case we just finished up for Architect Bruce Wright. But I am pretty sure as he walks up and down his stairs he probably hums to himself... so see, full circle. Any way I will post some more shots of the stair that we built for him soon. Single stringer with glass rail....you too should buy yourself a stair way to heaven.

Oh...and sorry about the cliche.

Great Headboards from Sunset Magazine

Of course you cant have an article on great headboards unless you include one of our custom headboards in your article...Sunset magazine's Great Headboards blog post does just that. We made two beds for Sunset's Monterey Idea house This one made from Australian Lace wood and features a nice little cubby hole for whatever treasures you want to keep. Oh and BTW it's for sale... and at substantial savings call us and lets talk..510 452 3446

Hello Wallpaper*

Look who happens to be in Your fav Shelter/fashion rag... yes, yes quit guessing it's US! Gitane the dope new restaurant in downtown SF getting all the hot press is, as I predicted, in Wallpaper*. Charles Doell designed the interior and brought us in to fab some pieces for Frank LeClerc's newest endeavor Gitane.... Check out the article and click on the slide show link.. the second image has a great shot of the interior and shows our bar stools and the bathroom enclosure (The glowing blue corner) We also fabricated their exterior table coral and the foot rests. So go over there and sit at their bar, you can put your feet up on our work and Order a couple drinks....Oh I guess you should pick up a copy of Wallpaper* also.. not sure if it is in their print magazine yet.. but I'll let you know. Read the article HERE and check out Gitane also.

Go for the bronze!

"I see no reason why I should tickle stones or waste time polishing bronze" - Louise Nevelson
With all due respect Louise...the reason is, it looks great and compliments the natural beauty of the door... jeez! I mean come on... What are you going to do Louise, put monochromatic blocks of wood up there to help someone open the door? No.
Next time hire us for your custom door pulls...

Landscape Architecture Cover Model

So...looks like we made the cover of Landscape Architecture... yes yes Thank you. We did the Cor-Ten Fountain and the retaining wall here... this for the old SF Sunset Magazine Idea house. The article can be read here. Plenty of great shots inside the rag so pick up your copy now. And the fountain and retaining wall could of course be bought from your fav metal works.

***Update*** HA just read the article myself and although we are not mentioned and they have a some great shots of our work, you can get an idea of the "tension" there was on the job site...just love the gossip....now... let see what Paris Hilton is up to...

***Another Damn Update*** Funky website that landscape Architecture site ....they change their links around and our link no longer links to the article....

Happy New Year

Well...New Years has already past but we can still go get some drinks and celebrate over at Gitane, where we have just finished... well...a couple months back... metal work for Cafe Claude's sister restaurant Gitane. The interior was designed by Charles "Mr. Important" Doell. I'm sure you'll being seeing it in an upcoming issue of Wallpaper* or some other fancy rag. We did several things for them from the footrest and barstools to the restroom enclosure and exterior wind screen so you can while away your time drinking and enjoying some croquettas and bacon bonbons....after all whats better than sauteed prunes stuffed with goat cheese except those wrapped in bacon.....ahhhh bacon......oh and check out those wind screens!