Great Headboards from Sunset Magazine

Of course you cant have an article on great headboards unless you include one of our custom headboards in your article...Sunset magazine's Great Headboards blog post does just that. We made two beds for Sunset's Monterey Idea house This one made from Australian Lace wood and features a nice little cubby hole for whatever treasures you want to keep. Oh and BTW it's for sale... and at substantial savings call us and lets talk..510 452 3446

Hello Wallpaper*

Look who happens to be in Your fav Shelter/fashion rag... yes, yes quit guessing it's US! Gitane the dope new restaurant in downtown SF getting all the hot press is, as I predicted, in Wallpaper*. Charles Doell designed the interior and brought us in to fab some pieces for Frank LeClerc's newest endeavor Gitane.... Check out the article and click on the slide show link.. the second image has a great shot of the interior and shows our bar stools and the bathroom enclosure (The glowing blue corner) We also fabricated their exterior table coral and the foot rests. So go over there and sit at their bar, you can put your feet up on our work and Order a couple drinks....Oh I guess you should pick up a copy of Wallpaper* also.. not sure if it is in their print magazine yet.. but I'll let you know. Read the article HERE and check out Gitane also.