Rockin the Moroccan

Just finished up a railing in Piedmont... The house has a bit of Moroccan flair so the typical clean modern rail was not in the playbook.  Working directly with the homeowner and designer we came up with something that would match the architecture of the home and the needs of the client...hand hammered top cap by our friends over at Alchemy Metal works gave it texture and depth that a basic top cap wouldn't have had. We custom make each rail to match the architecture of every home we work on. We like to add value to your home instead of adding an eyesore.  We did it for them... we can do it for you.  Go on pick up the phone.


No not James Franco...
 but he sure is funny, and I can't wait for the prequel to the Wizard of Oz that is coming soon, but the Frenchie love kind... you know sauce, wine and cheese and of course my buddies Francois's mother Marie Antoinette's "bœuf aux carottes".... That woman can cook. You know, dinners outside in the garden and the camembert pulled out of the BBQ all melted and gooey for dessert...sorry... I got distracted... ANYWAY we just built a new table for a wonderful client in the Peninsula and came up with these legs kind of similar in shape to the Eiffle tower... Solid 2" water jet hot rolled steel with a dark patina and a walnut live edge table top... put the cheese down and give us a ring.. we can build one for you as well.