Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!...Trolling through the year of pictures and found several jobs we didn't share with you guys... the first is a nice little deck addition off a remodeled kitchen.  We used aluminum grating to maintain light for the bedroom below and a cable rail to keep it looking light and airy.  the railing was broken up so as to build the deck in two phases and using all the same parts... looks good and saves money and time.  More to come tomorrow...With 2012 coming up.. like what seems like tomorrow, keep us in mind if you are in need.. we are here to help... and remember, if you are going to build it, build it right, with Five Twenty Two Industries....


Take it to the bridge!

This is where we take it to the bridge!
1 1/2" square pickets all lined up like a nice little verse as we cross over to the chorus...er..I mean pool.  A new job we just finished up in Ross CA, from the stellar architects over at Min | Day ... gosh Ross is a nice place... anyway...It might be a bit cold to jump in that pool right now but come summer I bet this bridge over to the pool area is going to get quite a work out. These HEAVY duty posts 3/16" wall tubes were zinc plated and then powder coated to color match the sliding doors into the family room.  Need some rail? Need it to be a certain color? Want it to last? Call us.

We build it right.

In the wild

Just captured the not so elusive 522 Firebox in the wild.  We personally think it looks stunning in its natural environs.  With its hidden propane tank we think it could possibly be a member of the  infraclass of marsupials.  Its natural hardwood latch and adjustment knob make me think it has been domesticated. Call us, we can release one into your yard as well...they make great backyard pets.  Sure to be loved by all your friends, and they are great around drinks and chats.

Gather around the fire

It's that time of year... 
The days are getting shorter and the nights colder, and of course it is time for a cocktail party.  I don't know about you but I love to go to friends houses and sit next to the fire pit, laugh and drink and nibble.
Then you go home...and you, your clothes, your partner and unless you shower berfore you go to bed,
your sheets and pillows....
smell like a campfire. 
we are here to help...
Introducing the New 522 Industries 
Fire Box!
Clean burning propane, (no more campfire smell) self contained Cor-ten
Fire, in a box.

The tank is stored like your BBQ under the stainless burners.
We use faux river rock, they are actually lava rocks and good for fire pits.

You can buy one now....just in time for the holidays.
Call us, we have one waiting for you.

I feel so light and airy!

Well at least around this stair I do...For this Oakland Remodel we built a metal stair to make sure the open plan kitchen family room remains so. Steel was the perfect choice to keeping the space open and light...and we caught them before they put in the structural beam and was able to swap out the ugly Tube steel pipe they were going to put in and sub for an I beam we had sitting around. It matches better...We did this for them...we can do this for you....Go on breathe in all that extra space.

Look who is coming to dinner

Or even better look at where they are eating! Anything looks appetizing on this parsons table we built for John Lum. Hot rolled steel legs all mitered cut and welded from behind leaves a super clean and crisp look and the red glass top looks down right sexy... call us.. Thanksgiving is coming up!


...or revelation...as you ascend the heights or become enlightened/heightened? Well... however you get your high on, we would recommend you do it with a fine set of 522 stairs...It's safe, legal and an aesthetically pleasing way to get....higher. Call us...you hippie.

Architecture porn...

Come on....look at it! How sexy can a door be? This isn't even finished yet... the wood panels for the main door are still yet to come....I just couldn't wait! This sexy pivoting door is almost too much to handle...speaking of handle check out the counter bored stainless fasteners...And I know what you are thinking... you would love to send them some mail....it's ok... really. All hot rolled steel lovingly finished with multiple coats of clear satin lacquer. We can do it for you...slip a love note in the mailbox....or use the phone....we are here.

SF AIA Tour!

SF AIA tour is this Sunday!
We worked on one of the homes with John Lum. Go check out the home and the incredible view of our gate and fencing in the backyard.. oh and you should check out the pretty awesome view of the pacific ocean from the kick A** corner windows...truly stunning. Always a pleasure working with award winning architects! What? you don't have an award winning architect working with you? never fear.. we can still help you out... just give us a ring.

A room without a book...

A room without a book is like a body without a soul... Marcus Tullius Cicero is credited with this quote, and to make sure this room had enough soul we added a floor to ceiling bookcase in this San Francisco Victorian. We used hot rolled steel with a clear satin finish and solid oak shelving and kept it clean and simple... Of course in order to reach all those books you have to add a ladder...we did that too... need some soul? Give us a call.

19 Years...

Wow 19 years ago we started what is now Five Twenty Two Industries. Here is one of our latest for Ross Levy over at .. yes, yes, you know Levy Art and Architecture. He wanted to preserve the greenery, well.. at least the view of it from the deck. This unfinished steel will develop a nice patina as the garden takes it over... I like the tree house effect....here's to another 19 years...But don't wait 19 years call NOW!... operators are standing by.

Got an idea?

Let's see if this works...we were featured in another idea book from Houzz.. check it out, our cor-ten fountain for the San Francisco Sunset magazine Green Idea house is plastered all over the place... order one now and enjoy it this summer....
Just FYI our fountain is the 5th one and the last one....
Landscape Trends: Spout and Trough Fountains
Browse Outdoor Products on Houzz- For Example:

In tha Houzz

So....today's installment of "This Weeks ideabooks on Houzz" features some illuminating design and some photos of skylights and how "Their location in a room can influence the quality of the space, shaping one's experience of the light that connects inside to outside, house to sky." Sure, sure.. more importantly they include pics of our work... the top pic is from the home of Bruce Wright of SB ARCHITECTS we did the rails and stairs for his home and the bottom picture we did the mantel or is that a hearth...I'll go with hearth, for a job in the Peninsula for John Lum Architecture you can check out more of the stuff we have done on Houzz and put together your own idea book and we can help turn your ideas into reality...

Holy smoke!

Just finished a new set of stairs in San Francisco... Beautiful modern remodel with a taste of refined industrial materials. Clear finished hot rolled steel stringers with perforated sheet infill for the railing, which was also clear coated adds a refined taste of industrial chic to this San Francisco Victorian remodel. The exterior railing is anodized aluminum which matches their sliding door and will NEVER rust. The light color helps it fade into the skyline to help you catch the glint of sun off the Cathedral and golden gate bridge in the distance. Need some rails?

Making a differnce...everytime you walk your dog.

It's nice to have your work appreciated. It's nice to make a difference. We took direction from John Lum, you know from John Lum Architecture. He designed this beautifully simple sidewalk garden that judging from all the people who stopped by while we were installing the cor-ten boxes and by the note someone left, people in the neighborhood seem to really love it. We have changed a dull, boring, dirty, hot, sidewalk to a nice little oasis. Yes we can do it for you.

Sustainablility Award

Kudos to John Lum architecture for their award for Sustainable Architecture from California Home and Design. Check out the article HERE. If you look close enough.. and please do, we have something for you in each picture except the bathroom..Now it's time to play "Where's 522?" Kind of like playing where's Waldo without the sweater...First pic.. can you find the dinning table we did?.. That was easy.. How about the Cor-ten house numbers and planter in the second picture? Our beautiful Bookcase in the third? and I know..too easy The railing in the fourth pic... Damn you are good...call us and we can build beautiful things for you as well... We will post bigger pics for those of you having a hard time tomorrow.

We appolgize...

But we have just been SOOOO busy, and haven't had too much time to post stuff.... Here is a quickie. New glass railing for a really nice home on 25th St in SF. A glass railing "Wall" with wood cap. The center railing which you can't see to well here is three flights of railing all in one plane and looks pretty sexy.. I'll see if I can dig up another shot for you but for now let this simmer in your brain and try and figure out what we can do for you...

Update.. I was so busy I forgot to give a shout out to Ross Levy from Levy Art and Architecture who was the architect on the job... always a pleasure working with Mr. Levy

Curb Appeal

Fresh curb appeal in SF.
Our rails are built to last and last. First we use solid bar instead of tubing, tubing rusts from the inside out where there is no finish. Once the railing has been completed, it is dipped in a chemical bath to degrease it and then electroplated with a zinc finish which helps keep it from rusting. The electroplated finish holds paint unlike hot dipping galvanizing. Once the zinc finish has been put on we move the rail to another finisher who then applies a baked on painted finish or "powder coated" finish. You made the investment, we make it last.

Like summer raindrops pierced by sunbeams...

"Tears of joy are like the summer rain drops pierced by sunbeams. " - Hosea Ballou

So I am sure my client, as we quietly closed the door, shed some tears of joy. They were very patient and I think we are all pretty pleased with the way this turned out. Hot rolled uprights pierced with rectangular stainless bar and capped with Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry wood) #4 finish on the stainless that's a 180 grit for some, and a clear satin on the hot rolled. Just down right sexy stuff.....Oh we can do this for you as well...

Happy New Year

From all of us here at Five Twenty Two Industries...Happy New Year! We had a great year thanks to all of you! Here is hoping that 2011 brings you everything you hope for...or if you don't get that... some quiet time.. and a bit of happiness.