Pew Pew

Who needs the new Star Wars to enjoy lasers.
We just cut through this 1/4" steel like it was a blast door on the Tontine IV on its diplomatic mission to Alderaan.  Yes, Darth Vader is not the only one who can be so bold.  Need to Awaken your curbside appeal? Give us a ring. 


The oil rubbed variety is never third place. 
Our 522 bracket now comes in oil rubbed bronze. The "522RB". Need just a bracket?  We can do that.  Need a grip rail?  We can custom fabricate an Oil Rubbed bronze grip rail with the wood cap of your choosing, just send us some pictures and some measurements and we can ship.  Normal shipping time is "about two weeks". The top picture is 3/8" material with a 4/4" walnut top and our very own 522RB bracket. Oil rubbed bronze is not your thing?  Well, you do recall we sell them in hot rolled steel and stainless as well right?  Need something custom? give us a call.
522RB "oil rubbed bronze*"
522RHR "hot rolled steel with clear satin finish"
522SS "303 Stainless steel with polished finish"
522SHR "Hot rolled steel also available in Oil Rubbed bronze"

First Impressions

The first thing you see as you walk into this Berkeley home is our stair railing. And we think it makes quite an impression.  All hot rolled steel and being that the homeowner was concerned about VOC's we coated it with organic bee's wax. It will last a lifetime with minimal care. We worked with John Lum Architecture to help this client make a lasting impression... Call us, we can help make you stand apart from the rest.

Another Year another AIA Tour

Goodness.... I've missed you, it's been way too long.
We have been busy working hard, and there just so happens to be another AIA tour in the east bay where you can see what we have been working on. We worked with Kuth/Ranieri Architects on their ‘Canyon repose' project above the Claremont Hotel in the Berkley hills. We did the metal work for their exterior stair and railing and on the interior we did their trim around their fireplace.  The exterior is hot dipped galvanized for longevity and then we did a black patina to make it pop and get away from the hot dipped funkiness. The patina ends out having color variation and depth and maintains the metal look of the steel that paint tends to cover up. Plus the patina will outlast paint because unless the galvanized surface is properly prepped the paint will peel off within a year....The interior fireplace trim is cold rolled steel that we also put a black patina on.  Anyway, we did all this for these fine people and we can certainly do it for you. What are you waiting for....give us a call.