Curb Appeal

Fresh curb appeal in SF.
Our rails are built to last and last. First we use solid bar instead of tubing, tubing rusts from the inside out where there is no finish. Once the railing has been completed, it is dipped in a chemical bath to degrease it and then electroplated with a zinc finish which helps keep it from rusting. The electroplated finish holds paint unlike hot dipping galvanizing. Once the zinc finish has been put on we move the rail to another finisher who then applies a baked on painted finish or "powder coated" finish. You made the investment, we make it last.

Like summer raindrops pierced by sunbeams...

"Tears of joy are like the summer rain drops pierced by sunbeams. " - Hosea Ballou

So I am sure my client, as we quietly closed the door, shed some tears of joy. They were very patient and I think we are all pretty pleased with the way this turned out. Hot rolled uprights pierced with rectangular stainless bar and capped with Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry wood) #4 finish on the stainless that's a 180 grit for some, and a clear satin on the hot rolled. Just down right sexy stuff.....Oh we can do this for you as well...

Happy New Year

From all of us here at Five Twenty Two Industries...Happy New Year! We had a great year thanks to all of you! Here is hoping that 2011 brings you everything you hope for...or if you don't get that... some quiet time.. and a bit of happiness.