In case you missed it

I'm sure most of you saw this during the San Francisco Living AIA home tour in Sept. But just in case you were out of town or hiding under a rock or something, here are a couple shots of the Winfield Residence in SF.  She was the Belle of the Ball if you ask me..the house was designed by Husband and Wife Architects Ted Arleo and Michelle Kriebel and built by our friend Blair Burke and his fantastic crew....Follow the links to more pictures of the house... I seemed to have been fixated on our stair. We helped Architects Ted and Michelle design their stair.. we can help you too...just give us a ring.

All work and no play...can somtimes lead to a great dinner...

But... you should have fun while you cook... please.. or do it in style at least. That's it, if you can't have fun, do it in style. And do it on a 522 Industries kitchen work table. Do it tonight.
Well, I'm sure these people are having fun while doing it in style as well...introducing a little work table styled after one of our more favorite Months of the is after all the early spring months where inspiration comes from...huh?  We were lucky enough to work with Regan Baker Design for one of their clients on this beautiful work table...and hey if you need furniture let us know, this butcher block top on hot rolled steel base or at least something similar to it can be yours. Just give us a ring.

The Eastern Span

I know, I know.... we all feel it.  I hope you made it across one last time.  I made a special trip with the family and took in the bay lights as well... it was good.  If you start to feel nostalgic compose yourself and head over to our square site and pick up a T-shirt. They are black American apparel and we are going with soft water based inks, you know because we care... they have our new Eastern Span logo on the front and the old 522 on the back be sure to let us know what size when you check out.....oh hey, if you need some metalwork let us know... we still do that as well.

Glassy and classy

I don't know.. I guess I just couldn't think of a better title... but it IS glass and it IS classy...and it's just fun to say.....Go on, say it five times as fast as you can....and if you can't say it five times.. just give us a call once.. we can handle it from there...

Clear satin on Hot rolled steel, rift sawn white oak and 1/2" tempered glass... you know the rest...if you are looking for, Mitered cuts, minimal visible welds, no grind marks, counter-bored socket head fasteners and just a damn fine looking rail, you should call us.

Art Work and glass railings...

Looks like the only thing in a frame here is the glass railing.... so we had to make it nice.. cantilevered metal frame holds the top edge of this tempered glass railing. The bottom of the glass was drilled so we could bolt through the glass and into the floor joists...with custom hot rolled spacers to match the us.. we would be happy to be apart of your collection too...

Simple clean lines

You know, some forget that simple and clean looks great.
That's it... we just had to remind some of you.
We can us.
Walnut Top cap with hot rolled uprights and stainless infill.

The Garden show

You know after our last endeavor landed us on the cover of Landscape architecture we just have to say we love working with our friends over at Arterra Landscape Architects.  We were lucky to help them out on their booth this year at the Sf Flower and Garden show...where they struck GOLD! Well they won a gold medal for their booth.... Be sure to check them out when you go.. they have a garden in the fornt by the succulent gardens.. the one with all the color...  You can check out some of the planters, benches and panel stands we did for them...Give them a ring they'll make your spring special...check out the cover of Landscape Architecture and a couple quick shots of the planters and cube benches from the show....below... and call for heaven sakes... Spring started yesterday!

We miss you...

Gosh...seems like it has been so long since we have posted anything here... we have been crazy busy doing some amazing work that we can't wait to share with you... Look for more updates coming soon. In the meantime you can feast your eyes on this rendering of a glass railing we submitted for a gig in SF...and stay tuned ...need something built? Designed? Fabricated? We can draw it, render it, fabricate it and install it...just give us a call.

What makes architecture successful....?

Bruce Wright for one thing...
Great metal for another....see, that's where we come in. We worked with Bruce Wright on this beautiful house in SF. His vision our skills.  We did it for him and we can do it for you... Check out the article on What makes architecture successful over  @ Houzz....then give us a ring.