Can they miter?

Can your current fabricator Miter? Everybody talks about wood working connections... the same can be done with steel. So why don't they? It's much easier to slop it together and grind down the weld leaving scars from the grinder on the surface of the steel and a bright spot to boot. We take the time to miter our connections and weld from underneath, leaving minimal grinding scars, and nice clean connections. It's ok to pay attention to detail... let them know and if not give us a call.

Twin Sized Slumber Scooter

Here is another shot of the Slumber Scooter. Claro walnut with a mild steel frame. Steel finished with bees wax. Green? Sure, you bet ya. Part of the Sunset Magazine San Francisco Idea house.

Speaking of Dreaming...

Custom beds with claro walnut head and foot boards. Salvaged wood. You know for the environment. Available now. Stylized dream facilitator.

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams...

Stair and railing for the Sunset Magazine Idea house in San Francisco. The infill for the railing are rings made from drops from a local supplier. Part of the whole reuse renew and recycle thing. Treads are solid poplar, and the finish on the steel is a clear satin, with bees wax overcoat.