Act now...comes with a house!

Looking for a railing and not quite sure what to do with your stair well? Well, now you can own this beautiful rail complete with custom grip rail, stainless infill, hot rolled steel uprights and solid mahogany wood cap! The best thing is It comes with a HOUSE! Buy it today...What you already have a home? Well...we can do something for you there as well... call us.

Give it a rest...

I mean you deserve it don't you? Sit Down and take a load off on our new custom stools with Mississippi Red Gum wood tops in either brushed nickle or clear satin finished hot rolled steel. Call us and get a couple. Need a custom height? No problem. Need more than one? No problem. Got a problem? No Problem we can fix it.

18 Years Old.

So look who is legal.. now we can VOTE! September 1st was our 18th birthday and now we will be voting for our favorite views (interpret that as you may) The point is, You bought the view.. you should enjoy the VIEW not the railing.. well.. you should enjoy the railing as well so long as you don't sacrifice the view...This roof deck looking down on the Sea Cliff dist in SF just so happens to have quite the spectacular landmark in its purview....gosh where is an english major when you need one...The Anodized aluminum rail will NEVER rust.. it just can't! The only thing that will out last that bridge view is aluminum. They had a steel railing up here that lasted them a year... then they called us. This modular system snapped together in a breeze. You can do it yourself or you could have your contractor do it...or you could not only have us fabricate it.. we could install it as well... go on..give us a ring.

Got wood?

Got wood? Well Take a look and you'll want wood. Handle bars of course... New Five Twenty Two Industries Hardwood handle bars. Layered strips of Walnut and Maple bent to perfection. Get know, for your street bike.

They are here...

Anonucing the first two installments to our new Handrail bracket line. The first is the "Tiburon" You know the one right above this here text stuff. It's Hot rolled steel with a clear satin lacquer finish and can either be attached directly to the wood or welded into place.. it really is your choice.. we like the steel base to the wood grip rail.. looks sexy. Works well in more traditional homes and in modern homes as well...
The second is the "Montclair" which has a rectangular bar coming up.. if your house has a few more angles in it this is for you...shown here welded directly to the bottom of this solid hot rolled steel Grip Rail. Both brackets can be ordered with a square or round backing plates or can be installed without the backing.. It really is up to you. no Really. Hey, we can also do the grip portion of your rail for you...Just let us know How long to make it and what you want wood wood and steel or a simple steel grip rail.. We will ship it right to you..They look great and they add the little bit of security we are all looking for in our lives...All come standard with a clear satin lacquer finish, and you can special order in Bronze, Stainless or aluminum. Order today! Send a couple to loved ones! Makes great gifts! Order Today and will send you some FREE stickers!

HOT! rolled steel

It seems to be all the rage...Hot rolled steel is naturally beautiful. It has blemishes and variations just like wood. With a clear satin finish to protect it from rust, and some simple maintenance it will last a life time. Above we covered an entire wall with sheets and used stainless fasteners to attach it to the wall. Add some shelves for "stuff" and you are set. We can cover your walls... you supply the "stuff".

Dinner is Ready

Come and get it! Dinner is ready. We just finished up this table/bar/kitchen island thingy for a client in Sonoma. I guess we should just call it a multipurpose kitchen table. Bar height with solid hot rolled steel legs with hidden levelers and a solid walnut top.... It will make ANY dish taste better. Call US for dinner.

Sweet combination

Kind of like chocolate and peanut butter... if you are into that kind of thing, and don't have allergies and stuff...Wood and steel pretty much always look great together. This is the back of a house on 26th St in SF where we did some metal work for Blair Burke the contractor and LS|arc the architecture firm....The balcony is zinc plated and then powder coated bronze steel with a galvanized tight mesh grating flooring. The sexy awning is a combination of wood slats and the zinc and powder coated steel like the balcony and railing. Each slat is angled to let the sun in during the winter and keep it out during the hot summer months..super cool...oh and I think you might know the drill.. we can do something like this for YOU too.

No Starch just rail

New Railings for No Starch Press's new digs in SF... I guess we went literal..heh.. puns. Lowest form of comedy. Oh well...What can we say we do steel, not stand up. Calls us we can do things for you.

Time to Convert

Thinking about a new religon? How about just a change of clothes... Convert, a new clothing store is opening tomorrow on Berkeley's famed "4th" st. I think as far as sales tax goes it's Berkeley's "1st" St. Anyway I digress...Check them out and the beautiful racks, shelves and sexy steel counter top we did for them... and while you are there pick up a new t-shirt.. that one has a stain..and are you really going to wear those shoes? Look...its' time for a new wardrobe..Two birds with one stone...we can do the same for your store....

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the fairest fireplace of all....Well, we do of course.. just finished this up for a client in Sonoma. Check it out.. Oh and mirror, tell them who made you as well.... Yes that is right Five Twenty Two Industries is who. Custom mirrors as well.. any size you want... You need something 4' x 7'6" we can make that happen. You know it really brings the room together...

Coming Soon

Another Fire place... This time for Chris Choy and this time we have tricked out the "surround" and if I have to say my self it's SUPER SEXY....more shots, more details tomorrow after we install....

My New Years Resolution

Is to not ruin the view....Stainless wire rails... I mean you bought the View don't ruin it with a railing... We can help out.

Happy New Year

Happy New year.. and thank you Bay Area for our best year to date! We had a great time fabricating a bunch of cool stuff this last year and are looking forward to 2010 being even better... Starting off with a new logo and the new website should be up soon... we now have handrail brackets in STOCK and are finishing up packaging and catalogs to send out to the masses so stay tuned 2010 is looking good!