The oil rubbed variety is never third place. 
Our 522 bracket now comes in oil rubbed bronze. The "522RB". Need just a bracket?  We can do that.  Need a grip rail?  We can custom fabricate an Oil Rubbed bronze grip rail with the wood cap of your choosing, just send us some pictures and some measurements and we can ship.  Normal shipping time is "about two weeks". The top picture is 3/8" material with a 4/4" walnut top and our very own 522RB bracket. Oil rubbed bronze is not your thing?  Well, you do recall we sell them in hot rolled steel and stainless as well right?  Need something custom? give us a call.
522RB "oil rubbed bronze*"
522RHR "hot rolled steel with clear satin finish"
522SS "303 Stainless steel with polished finish"
522SHR "Hot rolled steel also available in Oil Rubbed bronze"

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