Another Year another AIA Tour

Goodness.... I've missed you, it's been way too long.
We have been busy working hard, and there just so happens to be another AIA tour in the east bay where you can see what we have been working on. We worked with Kuth/Ranieri Architects on their ‘Canyon repose' project above the Claremont Hotel in the Berkley hills. We did the metal work for their exterior stair and railing and on the interior we did their trim around their fireplace.  The exterior is hot dipped galvanized for longevity and then we did a black patina to make it pop and get away from the hot dipped funkiness. The patina ends out having color variation and depth and maintains the metal look of the steel that paint tends to cover up. Plus the patina will outlast paint because unless the galvanized surface is properly prepped the paint will peel off within a year....The interior fireplace trim is cold rolled steel that we also put a black patina on.  Anyway, we did all this for these fine people and we can certainly do it for you. What are you waiting for....give us a call.

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