Gather around the fire

It's that time of year... 
The days are getting shorter and the nights colder, and of course it is time for a cocktail party.  I don't know about you but I love to go to friends houses and sit next to the fire pit, laugh and drink and nibble.
Then you go home...and you, your clothes, your partner and unless you shower berfore you go to bed,
your sheets and pillows....
smell like a campfire. 
we are here to help...
Introducing the New 522 Industries 
Fire Box!
Clean burning propane, (no more campfire smell) self contained Cor-ten
Fire, in a box.

The tank is stored like your BBQ under the stainless burners.
We use faux river rock, they are actually lava rocks and good for fire pits.

You can buy one now....just in time for the holidays.
Call us, we have one waiting for you.

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