Get your Maker On.

All right, everyone is getting in on the Maker scene...
To help you out, 522 industries is introducing the Analog Firebox. Its just like our original firebox but now in Analog! If you are into making things and just starting out, might as well try your hand at making a truly worthwhile project.  You need a bottle of wine, (you can substitute a couple of beers, bourbon or even Bubbly water) some wood, kindling, paper, some matches, the 522 industries analog Firebox™ and a few friends. Make a small stack in the middle of the Firebox™, starting with the paper, then add kindling and top that off with the wood. (Oak is great) Next, light the paper with the match, and watch the magic.  Now open your libations, delight your friends and feel the warmth of the fire you you have just made! Congratulations! You are a true Maker! The 522 Analog Firebox is made of 3/16" A588 Cor-ten steel so it will weather nicely in your yard. If that wasn't enough there is a handy storage area for spare parts! You know.. because we care! Call us for pricing!

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Jeffrey Binns said...

Me and my friend were arguing about an issue similar to this! Now I know that I was right. lol! Thanks for the information you post.

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